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CDS is an information technology, consulting and outsourcing company who are creating business for tomorrow. We help the customer to do business by our industry-wide experience, technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services and various business model. CDS is recognized for its innovative approach towards delivering business value and its commitment to sustainability. CDS optimize utilization of resources, capital, and talent.

Today we are a trusted partner of choice who is looking to ‘Differentiate at the Front’ and ‘Standardise at the Core’ through technology interventions. The world is changing and we must be ready today for tomorrow. Organizations will have to rapidly re-engineer themselves and be more responsive to changing customer needs. CDS is well positioned to be a partner and co-innovator to businesses in their transformation journey, identify new growth opportunities and facilitate their foray into new sectors and markets.

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  • 01 CDS System & Solution Ltd Overview:

    CDS System & Solution Ltd is a dynamic and innovative company specializing in IT solutions and ATM/CRM machine-related services. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge technology and expert consulting to empower businesses and financial institutions across the globe. Our passion for excellence drives us to develop bespoke solutions that enhance operational efficiency and drive growth.

    Company: CDS System & Solution Ltd

    Establishment:December 08, 2016

    Board of Directors: 02 (Two)

    Number of Employees: 336

    Employment Function Ethic: Male: Female ( 74:26)

    Key Focus area: Banking Equipment's Supply and Service, Documents Management , System automation of Business

  • In response to the revolutionary changes, continues innovating based on customer needs and leading technology. Through open partnerships, focuses on providing future-oriented technologies to build a Better Connected World and continuously create value for customers and society. aims to become a strategic partner that assists carriers in their future transformations, a leader in providing enterprise solution, and trusted by consumers. In the technology business, we have partnered with top-tier international brands in the technology sectors. Achieve Customer Satisfaction & Delight by providing better technology, service & solution. We serve the customer right product in right time with right price and achieve shared business success.

    • To generate a high standard of commitment to our customers.
    • To treat our clients, suppliers and employees with humble, honesty and respect To growth in both business and personal life, it’s means work life balance.
    • To provide a quality working environment with advanced technology that enhances all employees quality of life. To offer an unsurpassed level of service at the most competitive rates.
    • Collaboration, digitalization and innovation.
    • A highly skilled management team and well-qualified managers & executives take care of the company. All projects are managed and controlled by a strong project management team comprising of a Directors, Manager Operation, Business Development Manager and so on. In addition to the members, the management is being supported by a combination of well-groomed and skilled, administration, finance, research and marketing staff members.
    • Md. Mazedul Islam
      Managing Director

    • Md. Mazedul Islam has co-founded CDS in 2015, and has held several central roles in shaping the company. He currently serves as Managing Director of the Board, and he is responsible for design and development of future products and as well as driving strategy, development, and business growth. Before founding CDS SYSTEM & SOLUTION LTD., Mr. Mazedul Islam was working as Country Manager at Laser Mail ( BD) Asia Ltd., Bangladesh and as well as worked in various Multinational organization like XEROX , EXCEL NETWORKS and so on in major role.
    • Rajib Barua
      Director ( Ops & Finance)

    • Mr. Rajib leads the company’s finance & accounting functions as well as business operations & internal audit. Prior to his current position, Rajib has long 13 year successful career in various leadership role at Airtel Bangladesh Ltd., Warid Telecom International Ltd., Standard Chartered Bank. His team was responsible for the Partner Payment, Partner Development & Training, Sourcing, Inventory, Distribution, Manufacturing & Packaging, and MIS Reporting. He earned a BBA & MBA degree in Finance & Banking from Dhaka University.
    • 1.Innovation:

      We stay at the forefront of technological advancements, offering innovative solutions that keep our clients competitive.

    • 2.Tailored Solutions:

      Every client is unique, and our solutions are customized to address their specific needs and objectives.

    • 3.Customer-Centric:

      We place our clients at the heart of our operations, striving to provide exceptional service and value.

    • 4.Security:

      Security is our utmost priority, and we employ robust measures to protect our clients' assets and data.



CDS is an information technology, consulting and outsourcing company who are creating business for tomorrow. We help the customer to do business by our industry-wide experience, technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services and various business model.

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Real Time Portal Management

Accounting & Inventory System


Invoice/Billing Software




HR & Payroll Solution


Vehicle Management System


KT1688 - A3


SB - 3000


Pharmacy Management System



CDS is an information technology, consulting and outsourcing company who are creating business for tomorrow. We help the customer to do business by our industry-wide experience, technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services and various business model.

Inventory Management System

An inventory management system tracks inventory availability at all points of your supply chain — from purchasing, to production, and finally sales to consumers. An inventory management system is important for companies with large amounts of inventory in order to keep it at optimal levels.

Accounting & Inventory System

Inventory system is tracks stock, supplies and sales entire supply chain.

Inventory accounting is the body of accounting that deals with valuing and accounting for changes in inventoried assets.

HR & Payroll Solution

In developing the solution, we focus on the repetitive, cyclical parts of the HR|Payroll.

In its simplest form, payroll usually refers to employee compensation, as in the processes in place to ensure all employees are paid for their work.

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy management is the administration of a pharmacy and its operations.

Pharmacy is the science and practice of discovering, producing, preparing, dispensing, reviewing and monitoring medications, aiming to ensure the safe, effective, and affordable use of medicines.

Education Management System

planning, organizing, coordinating, commanding, and controlling.

EMIS as a data system that collects, monitors, manages, analyzes, and disseminates information about education inputs, processes, and outcomes.

Garments ERP Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] has been in Apparel and Textile industry forquite a long time.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software system that helps you run your entire business, supporting automation and processes in finance, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, services, procurement, and more.

Hospital Management

Hospital management system was introduced with the cause for helping hospitals speed up their processes.

HMS was introduced to solve the complications coming from managing all the paper works of every patient associated with the various departments of hospitalization with confidentiality.

Vehicle Management System

Vehicle Management System (VMS): A One Stop Fleet Management Solution

The Vehicle Management System (VMS) is an application for the Automotive industry. It supports, in the area of Sales & Services, the business processes that you require as vehicle importer when dealing with your original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and your dealers in new and used vehicle sales .

Agro ERP Solution

Accelerate Your Agro-Feed Manufacturing Business With Smart Digital Solution-Agro ERP Software.

Agro ERP software is one complete solution; architecture, especially for Agro-Feed manufacturing business owners. It also gives an automation transformation and brings efficiency and better maintenance of the manufacturing process.

Easy Cash Billing (ISP)

Nowadays, the most important thing is to expand your business using the software.

The system is redundant, scalable, and automates control of subscribers’ access, speeds, and usage.


Telco Postpaid Invoiceing Solution

A Telco Billing Solution, also known as a Telecom Billing System, is a comprehensive software system designed to handle billing, charging, and revenue management for telecommunications service providers. It plays a crucial role in managing the financial aspects of a telecom business. Here's an overview of its key features and components:

  • Real Time Portal
  • XML/CSV/Text file Data Processing
  • Invoice Generation
  • Customized Invoices Template Designed
  • Summary SMS Sending
  • EBILL Sending
  • User Role Management
  • Customer support

ERP Management System

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a comprehensive software solution that integrates

  • Integration
  • Modules
  • Data Management
  • Automation
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Customization/li>
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Scalability
  • Mobile Access

ATM & CRM Seles

Cash Recycling Machines (CRM) are dual function machines which can take deposits, process the notes and then use that for withdrawal. ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine You can withdraw money, check your balance, or even transfer funds at an ATM.


Lobby Cash Dispenser

  • Withdrawal
  • Inquiry
  • Transfer
  • Change
  • Multimedia (optional)
  • Card top up (optional)
  • Mobile payment (optional)


Through-the-Wall Cash Recycler

  • Withdrawal & Deposit
  • Inquiry
  • Transfer
  • Change of PIN
  • Multimedia (optional)
  • Card top up (optional)
  • Mobile payment (optional)
  • Bill payment (optional)

CDS Labels

100% export oriented garments accessories manufacturers & suppliers: The company is specialized in developing, producing and selling all kind of garment accessories – all type of Hang Tag, Price Tag, Stickers, Printed Paper Label, Satin Label, Woven Label,

  • Swing Tickets & Hang Tags
  • Wash Care Labels
  • Barcode & Variable Data Labels
  • Self-Adhesive Labels
  • Clothing Patches
  • Woven Labels
  • Packaging & Bags
  • Security Labels


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